Beach Management System

Built by former beach boys, beach managers, and all kinds of future beachgoers, every feature we build is with input from our customers and with a deep understanding of what matters most on and off the sand.

1Attendant App

A mobile app for beach attendants to manage walk-ups and beach transactions.

Attendant App
  • Complete transactions on the sand with our built-in POS and payment card processing functionality.
  • Have the flexibility to use our product on both iPads and iPhones.
  • Accept cash, card, and room charge payments.
  • Manage inventory on the fly and avoid double bookings.
  • View your custom beach layouts in real-time.

2Management Suite

Real-time management and information at your fingertips.

Management Suite
  • Up-to-date reporting gives you visibility like never before, including an at-a-glance calendar view.
  • See your top performers with sales-by-employee reporting.
  • View your layouts for previous days as well as planned layouts for future dates.
  • Filter and export your data in PDF or CSV formats.
  • Change product inventory, prices, and schedules on the fly with easy-to-use tools.

3Online Booking Engine

Web-based, consumer-facing reservation system.

Online Booking Engine
  • Enable your guests to make reservations in advance of their visit.
  • Allow guests to book on any device with our mobile-optimzed experience.
  • Get up and running quickly with our turnkey implementation.
  • Customize your experience with standalone or embedded options.