Beachy Leadership

At Beachy, we lead off with an innovative team of hospitality and technology pros. Our executive team is revolutionizing hotel technology with solutions purpose-built for outdoor use.

In 2015, after a particularly stressful beach vacation with his wife and then infant daughter, David launched Beachy to answer the simple question “Why can’t I reserve my beach chairs, the same way that I reserve my hotel room? The result is a suite of robust products that address the limitations of resort beachfront, pool, golf course and open-air venue commerce and logistics. David has been recognized as one of Nashville’s 40 under 40 and served as the youngest recipient of the award at 28.

Tim joined Beachy as Senior Vice President of Business Development in early 2020. He leads Beachy’s sales activities, designs innovative sales strategies, and accelerates our revenue growth. Before Beachy, Tim held senior leadership roles at well-known technology solution providers including Agilysys and PGi.

Mike champion’s Beachy’s strategic product direction as vice president of product. Prior to joining the company in 2020, Mike spent more than 20 years as part of and leading high performing engineering and development teams in hospitality technology.

Beth comes to Beachy as a veteran marketer in the hospitality and technology space. Prior to joining the company, Beth spent more than 20 years creating and executing successful marketing strategies for some of the most recognized names in the industry including SSA Global/Infor, The Rainmaker Group, and Agilysys.

Tanner was Beachy’s first employee and is responsible for all company operations including customer installs, training, support and service. Prior to joining Beachy, Tanner held operational and management roles at ALYS Beach luxury beach community and The University of Alabama. Roll Tide.

Charles heads up Beachy engineering. He’s a multi-faceted full-stack software developer and manager with an eye for application strategy. Prior to joining Beachy, Charles spent more than a decade implementing customized software solutions at companies like TAKL, Gannett Print Media and others in the smb, enterprise and government sectors.

Keith serves as Beachy’s financial north star, managing our day-to-day financial accounting and reporting. He’s a 30-year veteran of the accounting industry and a Certified Public Account.

Remi is Beachy’s chief of ear scratches and toy retrieval. She’s our spirit animal and our reminder that work is serious but play is real. Prior to joining the company she spent 10 weeks in various eating, sleeping and playing roles.