Food & Beverage Solutions

Connect directly to your existing point of sale software to offer a faster, more convenient solution to your guests’ ordering process. Allow your staff to create, send, and track kitchen and bar orders without ever having to leave the beach or pool.

1Attendant App

A mobile app for food & beverage staff to remotely take, send, and complete orders.

Attendant App
  • Complete transactions anywhere your guests are with our built-in POS and payment card processing functionality.
  • Have your staff remotely take, send, and complete orders on an iPad.
  • Keep your menus up to date in real-time, and know when items go out of stock.
  • Accept cash, card, and room charge payments.
  • Tie your food & beverage orders to a custom mapped layout, updated in real-time.

2Management Suite

Real-time management and information at your fingertips.

Management Suite
  • View open and closed ticket data as orders are placed and updated.
  • Filter and export your ticket data in CSV format.
  • Create and customize your menu with options to define categories, modifiers, groupings, and more.
  • Integrated with our beach and pool products to share destination layouts and booking information.