Winner: 2022 E20X People’s Choice Award

Amenity reservations and activity booking solution for resort attendants

Make amenities booking, confirmation and check-in fast and easy

Empower your staff to improve guest experiences at your most coveted outdoor locations. Beachy’s award-winning, paperless attendant amenity booking solution for beach and pool chairs, cabanas, jet skis, paddle boards and more, is designed to make fun easy.

  • No more pens or clipboards
  • No more long lines
  • No capital expense to get started
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Hardware and 5G cellular technology travels with staff to capture transactions everywhere.
  • Complete transactions everywhere with built-in point-of-sale (POS) and payment card processing
  • No Wi-Fi, no problem
  • Increases revenue for you and tips for your staff
Integrates with leading PMS solutions.
  • No ripping and replacing
  • Easily accept room charge payments
  • Zero capital cost
Patented geospatial technology custom maps your beach and pool deck.
  • View your custom layout in real time
  • Guests choose preferred location by available inventory
  • Staff knows exactly where guests are seated
Hardware specifically designed for optimal visibility outdoors.
  • No pens or clipboards
  • Hardware provided by Beachy
  • Easy viewing in direct sunlight
  • Sunglasses cool, but optional
Walk-up guest amenity booking, confirmation and check-in just got easier.
  • Supports single- and multi-day booking
  • Reduces wait times
  • Increases guest pay options (card/cash/room charge)
  • Easily tracks inventory and sales, reducing double-booking, over- purchasing and theft
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Glowing customer reviews

Beachy’s mobile point-of-sale (POS) and amenities booking software speaks for itself when our customers rave about increased rental sales and better guest service.

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