Winner: 2022 E20X People’s Choice Award

Amenity reservations and activity booking solution for resort guests

Allow guests to reserve amenities as easily as they book room reservations

Invite resort guests to reserve pool and deck chairs, cabanas, jet skis, paddle boards and all the fun stuff in advance. Beachy’s online amenities booking software folds neatly into your resort website so guests enjoy:

  • More time to sleep in
  • More payment options
  • More fun in the sun
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Web-based booking app allows guests to reserve amenities 24/7.
  • Single- and multi-day booking
  • No waking up early or standing in lines
  • No waiting, no uncertainty, no stress
  • Increases guest pay options (card/cash/room charge)
  • Allows guests to book on any device
Patented geospatial technology custom maps your beach and pool deck.
  • Guests choose preferred beach/pool chair from available inventory
  • Staff knows exactly where guests are seated for better service
  • Easily tracks inventory and sales, reducing over-purchasing and theft
Integrates with leading PMS solutions.
  • No ripping and replacing
  • Folds neatly into your existing website
  • Zero capital cost
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